Feb 13, 2011

Why Lindsay Could Escape Jail Time

Why Lindsay Could Escape Jail Time
Lindsay Lohan loves getting herself in trouble, but there's a pretty good chance she's going to avoid going to jail this time.
"This is far from a slam-dunk case," L.A. criminal defense attorney Steve Sitkoff tells People. He's convinced that all her lawyer Shawn Holley Chapman has to do is "convince one juror it was an innocent misunderstanding and she could walk."
Meanwhile TMZ thinks her camp should take the 'that necklace isn't worth that much' route. The necklace has a fair market value of about $800-900. Kamofie & Company was selling it at the inflated price of $2,500. Those trendy boutiques are always a ripe off.
Anyway, tons of jewelers agree that there's no way the necklace is worth more than $1,000 and in order to charge Linds with a felony, the necklace must have a fair market value of $950+.


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